Thursday, August 26, 2010

The puzzle patterns

Now right out of the gate I want to say I'm not gripping, cause I kind of knew what I was getting into.
Bought a online pattern. Thought maybe fifty pages, put em together, cut out what I need and get to sewing.
Well,,,,, my four part pattern, pt 1 and 2, 41 pages each. Part 3 and 4 thirty something each.
Oh man,, got through one. Most everything lines up, good. Part two,,, some are not lining up like they should,,
oh man oh man. Part three is a little out of whack too. I'm getting worried about number 4.
I got this because it was a great looking big mans ( and stout boy ) shirt. Might be easier to go on a diet. For a
long time. Okay, I'm going to get this thing together but I think I'm liking my project and trace idea a whole lot
better. The computer generated patterns are put together like this also. Man oh man, project me a pattern
please cause I'm a little burnt on puzzles.


  1. Cute. Maybe a cup of tea and a little break inbetween lining up the lines.

  2. Yeah Lynn, if I was a drinking man I'd say set up
    a double. Those darn lines.

  3. I like Dick Blick's white tracing paper the best for Burda.