Monday, August 16, 2010

Pattern project cont.

Well, last night I set up the projector, got the image close and then started to measure. It took a few times but
eventually I got it dialed in. I started by measuring the neck to shoulder length. I finally got it and then I checked
the side seam, it was right on the money, next, the center line and it too was right where it should be.

Next I took my pattern paper ( I used packing paper from when you get packages sent to you with all that
light brown paper tucked in there ) and ironed it smooth. I then taped it to the wall where the image was
and got it nice and tight. I then took my straight edge and sharpie and started tracing. It worked like a charm.
I got the one front done but it was so hot last night, I had to stop. Hope to get more done this evening.

I think this crazy idea is going to work.

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