Sunday, October 24, 2010

Practice makes better

Well, still working on the jacket. Dialing in the muslin for it. Looking forward to working with the liner as it is something that I haven't tackled yet.
Also, I've been practicing with the 1/8th hemmer foot on my 99. That can be tricky to keep it on track.

I now have a monogrammer and a buttonholer for the 503. Need a plate for the monogrammer to work and I will make one since none seem to be found. Thanks to my good friend Mary and her husband, I now have a manual for the buttonholer. Although you can make a decent button hole with out it on the 503, it should make it easier and being able to do a keyhole button hole on the machine instead of by hand is a definite plus.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tough Decisions

I was wanting to work on a pair of pants but that little voice
keeps bugging me to make a sport jacket. I cut the pattern of
a jacket I have and I'm thinking of making a denim sport.
I'll start with a muslin and see how that goes.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tripping to the Fabric Store

Scored pretty big Saturday at JA's. Had some good sales so I grabbed some denim, linen and they had
muslin on sale for .99c a yard. I want to try using muslin for my interfacing so this was great.
My lighting for both my stations has been poor so I lucked out with their sale on lamps.
Picked up one of those flip HD recharge lamps normally listed for 89$ was down to 29$. SCORE.

Besides grabbing some needles and thread, I picked up a belt for a machine I am fixing for my
ex DIL. I gave her a Diplomat Deluxe some years ago. This is a finned 50's looking Japanese
machine that is truly heavy duty. All metal and will sew through anything. I will post some pics of it
before I send it back to her. It really is a beauty.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Monogram attachment

Well, I got a monogrammer for the 503 from Goodwill's auction site. Too bad the bottom plate is missing so
I can't sew with it until I find one. If I have to, I will make one out of plastic but I'd rather have the one it's
suppose to have.

Yesterday, I sewed on a Harley eagle patch on the back of my leather jacket. The 503 didn't blink. Sewed
it smooth as could be. Gotta love it.