Sunday, August 15, 2010

My idea for pattern making

I talked about this on a couple of forums. Since I have lost my youthful shape, buying clothes can be a real
challenge. So I decided to dig out my old sewing skills learned from dear gramma and make some clothes
for myself. Well, naturally the pattern industry decided that being a big guy is two strikes against me.
So now what?
Well, as usual I came up with a crazy idea. I have a small portable projector that you can project pictures on
the wall. Nice for murals. I thought what if you had a pattern that wasn't your size but if you had a way to
enlarge it, it may work for you. Then I found a computer program that lets you put your measurements in and
it adjusts and creates a pattern for you. The downside is that it is expensive and you have to print out the
pattern and glue it together like the patterns you can buy and download online. The good thing is the program
has a demo you can get for free ( you can not print or save with it ) and it gives you a picture of the completed
pattern on the screen. So what I am trying at the moment is to save the picture and copy the measurements
for all the lines, print the picture and then project it on the wall. Adjust the projector so the projected image
matches the dimensions you need and then trace onto a paper.

I plan on working on this during the week, hopefully I can get a muslin made for a shirt and see if it fits.
I will post my progress.

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  1. Hi Carl~
    Yes, muslin is a designer's best friend. You might find draping an easier technique as opposed to flat pattern drafting. There are many tutorials on about fashion draping, and making a duct tape double of your body. Even getting an adjustable male fashion form (dress form)and padding it out might be helpful. I watched a tutorial and started draping on my dressform and it was so much easier to pin and fit to the form than to try to do all that complicated measuring and drawing on flat paper. I hope whatever you try works for you. Hope your muslin turns out great! Good Luck!