Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tripping to the Fabric Store

Scored pretty big Saturday at JA's. Had some good sales so I grabbed some denim, linen and they had
muslin on sale for .99c a yard. I want to try using muslin for my interfacing so this was great.
My lighting for both my stations has been poor so I lucked out with their sale on lamps.
Picked up one of those flip HD recharge lamps normally listed for 89$ was down to 29$. SCORE.

Besides grabbing some needles and thread, I picked up a belt for a machine I am fixing for my
ex DIL. I gave her a Diplomat Deluxe some years ago. This is a finned 50's looking Japanese
machine that is truly heavy duty. All metal and will sew through anything. I will post some pics of it
before I send it back to her. It really is a beauty.

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