Friday, October 1, 2010

Monogram attachment

Well, I got a monogrammer for the 503 from Goodwill's auction site. Too bad the bottom plate is missing so
I can't sew with it until I find one. If I have to, I will make one out of plastic but I'd rather have the one it's
suppose to have.

Yesterday, I sewed on a Harley eagle patch on the back of my leather jacket. The 503 didn't blink. Sewed
it smooth as could be. Gotta love it.


  1. I found your blog from a post at PR. I like it so far -- keep it up! Can you tell us how you got your blog name? How long have you been sewing? I'm looking forward to pix of your finished garments.

  2. Hey Marysews, thank you for the kind words.
    I've been sewing off and on since my granny taught
    me when I was a little guy. Never worked with patterns until recently so this is a new venture.
    My skycarl name came from back in the early 90's going online. I've been a pilot for years and many
    friends called me Sky. That was taken so I added my first name to it. It's stuck ever since.

  3. Did the fax for the plates I sent you work out?
    Hope so!