Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waiting for the weekend

Started cutting my fabric. Hoping to get a start on my shirt this weekend. I really want to have the form ready
before I start on the bodice. I've been having a tough time getting someone to help me with that darn form.
Once I get the initial wrap done, I can do the rest.
My plan;
Go with the original idea of wrapping with duct tape. But then I'm going to use some of my dental plaster and
reinforce the inside so there is no give. I'll wire a pvc tube inside so the base can slip into it. Then I'll fill it with
expanding foam to keep it light. A tight fitted T-shirt over it will give me a good pin-able surface.
All the great techniques posted at PR gave me the idea for my final way of trying this. That is a great site.
Hope I have a good report on this for the weekend.

Here's the link for the thread on forms at PR.

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