Friday, September 3, 2010

It's a start

Well, I put a form together. Not as elaborate as I envisioned but it's workable for the moment. The plaster thing
outside or inside or whatever will have to wait till form #2. This one I just stuffed like a sausage and it's holding
form good enough to use. Funny how those curves you don't want to think about kind of stick out on one of
these things. I know it's all necessary but a little depressing to look at. Tried on several shirts that fit me and it
wore them well. So now, no excuse. Get busy Carl. Do something for goodness sake. Those machines are
crying "use me, use me". So now I've given myself enough thread to hang myself,,, here we go gang.

ps. if nothing else, I'm having a good laugh with this. After I got the darn thing stuffed, I laughed so hard I almost
wet myself. I gotta watch that.

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